Make Your Own Potting Soil Mix


Homemade Potting Soil Mix

It is time to start thinking about starting seeds to transplant to the garden later this spring. If you are looking for an organic alternative to buying potting mix that may have fertilizers and other chemicals in it you can make your own.We make all our own potting mix with a combination of simple natural ingredients. It contains a blend of blood meal and minerals which will result in healthy plants. It is also cheaper and works better for us. Here is our recipe. For making soil blocks(like we use) it needs to be very wet, but it also works well a bit drier in cell packs or pots. For all our local readers, if you have trouble finding some of the ingredients or need a smaller quantity than available at local stores, contact us and we may be able to help you.

7 1/2 gallons peat
1/2 cup lime (mix with peat)
5 gallons perlite
5 gallons compost
1 cup blood meal
1 cup phosphate rock
1 cup greensand

Mix peat moss and lime together. Add all other ingredients and mix well in a large container(we like to use a wheelbarrow) Add enough water to reach desired consistency. For soil blocks you will want it very wet, for pots or cell packs moist will be suitable.


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