Special Events


Thanksgiving Portraits

We are having a lovely visit with my family for Thanksgiving. This afternoon we all went out and took portraits. Thanks to Melissa for some of these. All of us together together Individual shots… DadMomAndrew Celeste (me)MelissaJonathanand DavidDavid with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Melissa, and Uncle JonathanDavid and Aunt Melissa David with GrandmaMe and David

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Grateful For…

… a life to live, my husband to share it with, a little boy who makes me laugh, loving families, friends that care, a supportive and wonderful community, all our needs provided, our daily bread, a cozy home, a warm fireplace, a productive farm, a beautiful valley…… and most of all an awesome God who (Read More)

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One Year Ago Today…

I married the man of my dreams. We have had a wonderful first year. It has been full of special times along with it challenges. We have already been through a lot together. Adjusting to a new home and life together, finding out we were expecting in December, two trips to California, a newlyweds retreat, (Read More)

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Labor and Birth

We are so excited and grateful for the blessing of a new member of our family. We are also grateful for the Lord’s guidance and protection through a long and difficult labor and recovery. Labor began around midnight on Sunday. By Sunday morning when the midwife came I had dilated to 7 centimeters. But then (Read More)

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