One of the joys of farming and shopping locally is cooking delicious meals with the fresh organic produce. Here is a collection of recipes we have tried and enjoyed.

Hearty Beet Borscht

We have an abundance of beautiful red beets in bins stored in the walk in cooler this fall. I recently tried this recipe for Ukrainian Beet Borscht. There are several variations of borscht when you look for recipes. This is the version I used which is a combination/variation of several I found online. We were (Read More)

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Roasted Garlic

This is the easiest thing to do with garlic. And the most delicious. Ever. We roasted a whole bunch of bulbs of garlic this evening for dinner tonight. When garlic is roasted it gets so mellow, sweet, and soft. It is so soft that you can just squeeze it out of the cloves and use (Read More)

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Crisp Autumn Kale Salad

I used to think that kale was only for cooking. I enjoyed it in soups, steamed, sauteed, or as kale chips. The only way I used it raw was in smoothies. Then I made an amazing discovery; kale is actually delicious in salads. The first time I experienced it that way was at my Mom’s house. (Read More)

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