Out and About


Monarch Butterflies

We took a drive down to Pismo Beach while in California. There is a grove of eucalyptus trees where thousands of Monarch butterflies overwinter. It was a little chilly the day we went so the butterflies weren’t flying around much, but after we were there for awhile the sun came out and a few began (Read More)

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Earth Day Fair

We went to the Chewelah Earth Day Fair this morning. It was lots of fun. The weather was sunny most of the time, too. We brought crafts, cards, the first spring produce and the baby chicks! Kids love to come see the chicks and we sold them all!

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Spokane Ag Expo

Last week we went down to the Spokane Ag Expo. We had an enjoyable day looking at the exhibits and gathering information. There were some cute miniature cows there. David got bored in his stroller after awhile, it was a long day. Andrew having a great time!

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